We value your dreams. We understand your requirements. Every project's detail is studied perfectly by the experts. Every minute detail is verified. Only then the project is listed in Ridgepole.in. Here is the process how we choose a particular project into our website.

  • Start research about the projects in the City - launched, under-construction, and ready to occupy.
  • Obtain information - Ridgepole.in gets details about specifications, amenities, floor plans, legal documents and payment process.
  • Project Approval - Once the details are ensured and the documents are found clear and correct, the project gets approved by the Ridgepole.in team. And Ridgepole.in becomes an 'Authorized Partner' to the project.
  • Chosen Property - Hence, it becomes a chosen property and gets listed in the website mentioning complete details and is kept open for sale in the website.
*Customers if they don't find their favorite property in the website can suggest the property name to the Ridgepole.in team. The team is ready to verify the details and become the Authorized Partner.