The Languages of Love.

Who we are independently and who we are when we are in a relationship can sometimes be in conflict with each other. Sometimes what we want out of a relationship is not what we are hoping to get out of a analysis in the decision making, they can turn out to be profitable and worthwhile investments.

Here is Some Fects

  • Quality Time : This is a unique love language in the sense that it does not necessarily mean that we spend every waking minute with our partner. This essentially means that the time we spend with our partner is meaningful; qualitative over quantitative. If we seek to give it, we make sure every moment around our partner is filled with affection, joy, laughter and any means necessary to please our partner. If we wish to receive it, we expect the same. What is unique about this love language is that it emphasizes the depths of what we do with our partner, not how many times we do it.
  • Gift Giving : Some of us like to show our affection buy purchasing lavish gifts. Some of us even will be creative and give gifts that are of little financial cost, but hold a powerful sentimental value to us. Those of us express our love through this means wish our gifts to make our partner feel appreciated, constantly surprised at what might be next and that we willing to provide and show our love through the passing of material and thoughtful objects and gestures.
  • Acts of Service : What some people would do for their partner. This essentially is placing the needs of our partner above the needs of our own. We wish them to be happy and we do whatever it is that pleases them. Those of us who wish to show our love through this means will often put aside their own desires to see the desires of their partner first. Those of us who wish to receive acts of service feel that by our partner's willingness to do whatever it takes to make us happy, we feel a deeper love and affection for the actions they perform.
In assessing my own love languages, I have come to learn that there is almost nothing I would not do for someone.

I like to be reaffirmed that I am desired and equally (if not even more so) affirm to the one I love my true feelings for them. I like to service the one I love to see how big of a smile and how comforting I can make my partner feel. In this return, I hope to be on equal footing with my partner and see them be willing to put aside their own needs and tend to mine as I would tend to theirs. Acts of service almost seem like a give and take, yet it is a true act of love. One that signifies to our partner that they are important to us and that there is nothing we would not do for them.

love languages, I have come to learn that there is almost nothing I would not do for someone I loved.

How could someone not want to spend quality time with someone who is constantly telling them how beautiful and appreciated they are? How could they not want to surprise someone with gifts to show their appreciation for all that they have done to make them happy? In this, I believe that all five love languages are used, it is that some of us choose to pursue and place emphasis on different love languages in attempts to reach and make our partners happy.